From all the junks the one I need more is music

I've received this question a lot over the past year or so, I'm now going to answer it in blog form.
Between us, my husband and I have over 1,500 *ahem* (I've been corrected) 2,500 CDs. Despite this being the digital age we are audiophiles. We like all forms of it and the artwork that comes with it. Yes we have ipods but there will never come a time when we don't own a physical product. There is nothing like holding an album in your hand and looking at the art and lyrics while listening to it.
We also have a 583 sq ft. apartment. See the problem?
We knew we needed to keep the art but were the plastic cases really necessary? We moved all the CDs we could into these , and kept the Digi-packs and special cases as they were.
Then we bought the Anes dresser from Ikea to house them.
Here's how it looks:
Here is the dresser.
The bottom drawer, with a rough estimate of 1,000 CDs.
The Jewel Sleeves at work.

Eventually we will need to further brace the bottom of the drawers so they don't bow. Hope that answers all the questions!


  1. Fantastic solution, thanks for the idea and the link to the Jewel Sleeves.

  2. I agree it looks fantastic. I too have several thousand CD's, and haven't yet found a suitable storage solution. The only problem I see with this one is the cost of the Jewel Sleeves. At 50 cent each, 3000 Jewel Sleeves would run around $1500 bucks. That buys a lot more CD's! What a dilemma... Thanks, though!

  3. That's a great idea!! You have a ton of CDs!

  4. Brandon and I really like your set-up. We're thinking of doing the same thing!

  5. Thanks Nicole!
    I'm sending an email with some more detail your way.

  6. How do you maintain the rows? It seems like if you were not careful opening and closing the drawer everything might shift.

  7. Mary,

    We have small wooden dowels, that you find in craft stores in between eac row, that keeps them all in place.


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