Before/After with Lights

It's been pretty dark in my living room. We never use the over head light that's on the ceiling fan. I just want to ignore that mess altogether. So we use a hanging pendant lamp, a floor lamp and one or two others in the 'bedroom' area. All of those lights still don't provide enough light, it gets a little dark sometimes.
Our hanging pendant lamp is the KNAPPA lamp from Ikea and since it's usually overhead where I read magazines in my rocking chair I picked it for the one to replace.

I went to my go-to store Ikea and found 3 SKIMRA shades. They only had the very large shade in natural shades and the brightly colored ones in smaller sizes. I would of like to have seen how a turquoise, light blue and a green would of looked but I needed big sizes, so I went with the natural colors. Brown, Grey and white. They look nice they go with the fabric curtain and the color of the couch and rug.

They're also a million times brighter and of course they're on a dimmer so it's really made a difference.


  1. I like your style. I am a fan of Ikea, and more so of people who can make it work in their home. Rearranging your space with most of what you already have just seems to make you feel bright on the inside!

  2. where did the cool art to the right come from? I love it!

  3. THe big one is a poster from ikea, the two smaller ones are a picture I took on my honeymoon and a piece of art we bought on our honey moon.

  4. Did you use a light fixture with three pendants or did you hang each pendant separately? (I'm trying to create a similar cluster and I'm not sure which way to go.)



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