House Tour-Iro & Jan

Name: Iro & Jan
Location: Frankfurt
Square Footage: 700 square feet
Years Lived in: a year and a half
Rent or own: rent
Describe your style:simple, modern, natural with tones of vintage
Blog/Website: Busy Bee's Blog at: busybeesisblogging.blogspot.com/ ( I am just starting with it!)

What's your favorite free/found item?
difficult to choose one....to name three:

1) Old colourful glassware from my grandmother. I use a set of four green ones with golden lines as candlel holders. They shine so wonderfully in the dark! Other small ones for liquor, in which we drink homemade raki now and then.

2) A German book from the DDR - Das Tiershiff, given to me by my friend's father when he met me, as an encouragement to learn German. I love the colours of the fabric cover and the beautiful illustrations inside!

3) An old wooden headboard, found in the garbage, which I " dressed " with original retro wallpaper ( found in the same shop I am referring to below ), a white design one with large, symmetrical brown dots. It hasn't found its place in this apartment, so it's patiently waiting in the cellar.

What's your favorite purchased item?
Vintage Wallpaper rolls from 1965 found - forgotten - in the attic of of an old shop in Athens. After a lot of small talk, there practically given to be as a gift ( almost! )

What has been your biggest obstacle in decorating/design?
Inadequate space and of course money! Despite that fact, I strongly believe that money doesn't buy style & taste. It does buy though at least a set of two white Eames chairs with elegant, wooden legs for the dining table, that I so much want!

Is your design style organic or planned?
It is mainly organic. Some planning has to be done though sometimes. In this apartment, already existing furniture of my friend and my own ( brought by track from Greece!) had to be combined. So we both chose what we liked from each others previous homes. It wasn't so difficult coz they all mostly have simple lines.

What is your favorite spot in the house?
Sitting by the central, big, window looking at the sky and at the reading corner, from where I can also see the window.

How has your style changed in the past 5 years?
From being totally in love with white spaces combined with natural materials and colours to currently loving more and more white combined with colors and vintage interiors.

What is your favorite resource or store?
They are a few, too. Habitat, Ikea,  flea markets, recently Etsy, searching into family members' and friends' attics/cellars with a " your trash, my treasure " attitude, sometimes Ebay. And HEMA stores when I am in Amsterdam or Brussels.

What is your biggest decorating/design pet peeve?
Having too many things displayed.

What has been your favorite design trend?
Minimal, modern, organic design and spaces.

What is the biggest influence on your design/decorating style?
Decoration magazines & books. And recently all these fabulous design blogs. I love them! There is new material to look at and get inspired from every other second and they are so direct. Besides the fact that they are free! ( I had paid big amounts of money on decoration books & magazines).

What in your home dictates how you design/decorate?
The architectural layout of the apartment itself, light and of course our personal needs. I think that in a small space the use of white pallet is more dictated, so that the space looks & feels bigger and less cluttered.

What is the simplest thing you have done that has made the biggest impact?
Simply rolling this piece of vintage wallpaper on the wall! It's texture brought so much warmth and interest in the living room, in a flash!

photos courtesy of Iro & Jan


  1. Thank you so much Anna for having our Penthouse in your inspiring Design blog! I really enjoyed!

    : )

  2. i've been following Iro and Jan's pics on flickr and i absolutely love their minimal style... the clean lines and soothing colours... a world away from my own home which always seems to be in the midst of one diy project or another... one day though!


  3. What a lovely home! The light is incredible and love the clean modern lines.

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