Dresser Redo

So I've been twittering and facebooking ( they're words now, I just made them up) and dropping hints about my latest, biggest project.

I picked up a dresser for $27 at my favorite place Urban Ore (oh how I'll miss it when I move). My husband was against it because we're moving and don't need another piece of furniture and blah blah blah. My retort was "it's twenty seven dollars!!".

I don't have a place to do large projects here, scratch that, any projects. When I spray painted my horse head vase I did it on the back stairs of my apartment and I think the landlord is on to me. So I did my next project in the bathtub and now it's orange in there....oops.

A friend of mine was gracious enough to offer her back yard space for me to tackle this project. Armed with my supplies and inspiration from other bloggers (here, here and here) I set to work on the redo.

It was easy and only took about four days, I only did about four hours work at a time and one day it rained and that set me back a little. It never rains here, never and the one time it does, wouldn't you know I have something drying outside.

Here is the before:

It had definitely seen better days, it had white contact paper on the top and was all scratched up. What it did have was hairpin legs with the brass feet still on them and the original handles.

There was about a million things I wanted to do with it, I made multiple mock ups of what I could do and made a list of paints and stains. I thought about teal with white drawers and orange with white drawers and also my inspirations (from above) with the stained body and white drawers.

I knew until I sanded it down and saw what I was dealing with I couldn't plan anything yet. So when I did sand it I found that all the drawers where hardwood and the top was but the sides were veneer. So that limited my options. I couldn't stain the body because you can't stain veneer. So I knew I could stain the drawers and paint the body. I really have been wanting to use Benjamin Moore's 'Surf Blue' since I saw in on my L.A. trip but the mock up looked a little weird and since we're moving I didn't know how it would fit in to the new place once we got it all together. So I decided to go with something more neutral I went with a white body and stained drawers.

Here is the result:

I love it! I can't wait to use it in the new place (it's in storage now, no sense in brining it up two flights of stairs for a month's worth of use).

Here's how I did it;
I sanded everything, boiled the handles so any paint that was on them came off and polished the brass feet with Bar-Keeper's Friend ( I love the stuff, cleans everything!).

I primed the body and painted it with many thin coats of semi-gloss white, then stained the drawers (one coat) with Minwax's 'Dark Walnut' then when it was dry a coat of polyurethane on the drawers only (all my handyman friends told me poly might stain the white yellow and I didn't want to take that chance). The project in total (including the dresser) was about $80

It's such a solid piece of furniture and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. My husband and I both have Ikea dressers and both of those have drawers that will not open, the handle of mine actually broke off because I was trying too hard to open it. So a real dresser is very much in need.


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous. I just found this from your comments on my friend Kate's dresser redo on AT. You had great vision in executing this, and it turned out fabulously. Way to go!

  2. Great looking makeover! Love the white on just the outside.


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