House Tour-Becke

Name: Becke
Location: Rural Ontario, Canada
Square Footage: 1700
Years Lived in: 1 1/2
Rent or own: Own
Describe your style: Modest Minimalist

What's your favorite free/found item?
One day I was driving by a restaurant that was being renovated and there was a huge pile of about 25 large red metal letters.
A B & C are now hanging in our office and I sold the rest.

What's your favorite purchased item?
Not only is it pretty but it's one of the most functional items in my house - a Le Creuset dutch oven I found about 10 years ago for $2.

What has been your biggest obstacle in decorating/design?
The fact that I care about interior decor and design at all sometimes feels like an obstacle. 
For example, I would love one of those new, overstuffed and super comfortable couches you find at horrible furniture stores but I could never
have one because I would get daily twitches from the ugliness. Or, rather than having to paint the exterior of my wood sided home every few years
I could just cover it with vinyl siding and never lift a finger for it again, but...I could never do that because I have an eye for aesthetics that
I can never change. Sometimes I feel like it's a curse but I love it anyway.

Is your design style organic or planned?
I would say it's a bit of both. I do plan certain ideas ahead of time like paint and fixtures but when most of your furnishings come from a thrift store,
you tend to do a lot of decorating around the latest find.

What is your favorite spot in the house?
I love the dining room the most. It is very simple, white and super bright on a sunny day. The room used to be an open porch way back and still
feels a bit like one. We see a lot of great birds in the bushes from the windows in there.

How has your style changed in the past 5 years?
I have always been a huge fan of bright colors and mid century furniture. To an extent, I still am. Since moving into this heritage home my taste has
simplified itself quite a bit though. 5 years ago, I had a coral pink bedroom with neon curtains and a weird looking homemade wooden bed. I had a lot of mid
century and kitsch in my place and I have phased out about 75% of it. I still like splashes of bold color and will always have a soft spot for
weird and kitschy finds but I think I have learned how to edit my finds & tastes a lot better. I've become a lot more practical about what I bring
into the house now.

What is your favorite resource or store?
Any flea market, yard sale, thrift store or rummage sale. I also love Etsy, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji.

What is your biggest decorating/design pet peeve?
I don't really like to see decor that is focused entirely on one era or style. I find it too contrived and formulaic,
almost like it's a movie set with no soul.

What has been your favorite design trend?
I can't say I'm a huge fan of trends, they stress me out, but there are a few that seem pretty timeless to me:
maps, nautical and rustic/primitive items are always a sure bet.

What is the biggest influence on your design/decorating style?
Not sure how I'd pinpoint my biggest influence, as it's ever-changing. Decor items seem to find me, rather than me seeking out specific ideas.
Somehow, it all just comes together.

What in your home dictates how you design/decorate?
Layout certainly has a big say in what I can and can't do, especially in my livingroom.

What is the simplest thing you have done that has made the biggest impact?
Painted everything inside white. Well, almost everything.

all photos courtesy of homeowner. If you would like to have your home featured please send me an email or submit pictures of your home to the flickr group.


  1. Mid century designs and bright pops of colour = delightful! Thanks for posting this lovely home tour.

  2. I would do many illegal things to have a kitchen as beautiful as that.

  3. What shade of blue is in the bedroom?

  4. What shade of blue is in the bedroom?

  5. Beautiful house! I love all the unique items that help give this house so much charm!

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