House Tour-Ingrid

Name: Ingrid van Willenswaard
Location: Driewegen (a little village in the south west of the Netherlands)
Square footage: 225m2 (2,421sqft)
Years lived in: 2 years
Own or Rent: Own
My style: vintage, personal, handmade
Blog: www.ing-things.blogspot.com

What is your favorite found/ free item?
I love the vases from the seventies, which were made in West Germany. Not
completely for free, but when I find them in a secondhand shop, they
normally cost less than a euro, so thats almost for free.

What's your favorite purchased item?
The couch of Martin Visser (the BR 02.7), he designed it in the late
fifties. I wanted to buy the couch for over 20 years, but couldn't
because of a lack of space. It's a simple but beautiful design.
You can make a bed out of it if you want.

What has been your biggest obstacle in decorating/design?
The house is 10 rooms and is originally from 1698, it use to be the inn of the village, later it was a pub. It has very large windows and you can't place anything in front of them, that limits the possibilities.
On top of all, the house has a lot of space, and even though it shouldn't be
too full, I think its important that the house has a cozy and personal
feel to it.

Is your design style organic or planned?
Absolutely organic. I didn't have a plan when we moved here. At first I just used
the the furniture of our former house, and slowly I changed everything.
Most of the time, I just accidentally find something, from which I think
"thats exactly what I want." I regularly replace items because I feel
like a different mood or atmosphere.

What is your favorite spot in the house?
That must be the kitchen. It's a big kitchen, with a garden view.
This is the place where everything happens, cooking, drinking coffee, welcoming
people, etc...

How has your style changed in the past 5 years?
I am pretty sure I can say that I'm collector.
I love a lot of different things. Tableware, fabrics, special items. Our former house was pretty filled up, a lot of colours.
In the new house in Driewegen, its more empty, less color, just some little accents here en there. In the last two years I started replacing things with things from the sixties and seventies.

What is your favorite resource or store?
My favorite resource are the secondhand shops and flee markets. We live in
an area where you can find a lot of good vintage on the flea markets, most of the time the people who sell, have no clue about the value and that makes some very cheap shopping.
My favorite shop is Neef Louis in Amsterdam (vintage, industrial.)

What is your biggest decorating/design pet peeve?
We have two cats, so I keep finding white hairs everywhere. On top of that they like to sharpen their nails on the Martin Visser couch.

What has been your favorite design trend?
I like houses with a personal feel to them. A mixture of new stuff and beautiful design classics. You should be able to see that people really live in the house.
Not like the magazines like to tell us, but a house which tells the story of the owner.

What is the biggest influence on your design/decorating style?
I read magazines about design,and house decoration look at blogs about living and design.
Also the blogs of designers and crafters.
I also love DIY books from the seventies, I have a big collection.
It gives me ideas, but I always try to give it a personal twist, and do it myself.

What in your home dictates how you design/decorate?
The space itself, how is the feel of the space, what does the light do, what fits my character.

What is the simplest thing you have done that has made the biggest impact?
We painted the walls white, and we gave the floor a dark finish, which makes a good combination. What makes this house a home, are the personal and homemade items, which are simple and efficient.

all photos courtesy of homeowner. If you would like to have your home featured please send me an email or submit pictures of your home to the flickr group.


  1. Great space! I especially love that mish mash of a credenza/side cupboard with the random painted/chipped wood pieces. Can I have it? Great, thanks!

  2. I really love that tour. The kitchen is wonderful. I'd love a house with so much light!

  3. beautiful credenza...and i m so drooling over the collected items...

    And Ana i love to see your home tours and there by get introduced to such wonderful bloggers..:)

  4. What a beautiful place - I love it, especially the little desk in the first picture. The turquoise wall looks great. Thanks, Stephie x

  5. Great to see Ingrid's ouse over here! Thanks!


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