How much do I love my new bathroom? The answer is a lot, a super lot. It's clean and sexy and super rad. One thing less than stellar about it is the sink. It's a pedestal sink with zero space for your stuff. Now, normally I love tiny sinks, like little halfsies sinks but this pedestal business just isn't working for me. It's too narrow to hold pump soap or a soap dish. So I set out to find an awesome wall mount soap dish which is not an easy task. I found one that was worthy of my bathroom. Perhaps the most boring post ever? Who cares, let's look at pictures

This was a temporary solution, I was still using the complimentary soap from the ACE Hotel hung from the bottom of the medicine cabinet by magnet hook.

and then this happened...

 Gorgeous right? All Brassy and perfect. Let's look again!

and again and again, from different angles!

The soap is from Once Upon A Time Soap, and it's so amazing. I just gave some as a Housewarming present. You should buy some too. It might be slightly unnatural for me to love this soap dish as much as I do but it is what it is. Who are you to stand in the way of our love?

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  1. Hey, sometimes you gotta enjoy those little things like a beautiful soap dish.


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