Live Nude Chairs!

I'm a firm believer in the saying (I just made up) that "There's nothing a sheepskin can't fix". They're great for hiding tears, stains or any other flaw. They say "Hey I'm totally casual draped all over your bed" or "Check me out on this bench being all bohemian".  

I got my grubby mitts on a gray sheepskin and wondered the way only a person with a sickness can "How would this look on each and every chair I own?" So I lined up all my chairs (actually that's a lie there were two or three that weren't part of this weird parade) and threw the sheepskin on it and photographed it all for you but probably more to indulge my chair hoarding brain.

See how each chairs transforms from "GIMME YOUR BUTT" to "Hey chillax, get groovy on me and we'll wait for Stevie Nicks to come over"?

The winner of this super weird game was the last chair, It works great as my workshop chair for when I'm cutting leather (Have you been to Love & Arrow yet? Go Go Go, Buy Buy Buy!). Also Bruce can't resist putting his hairy behind in any and all chairs, check it out.

Which is your favorite?

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