Dining Room

I'm a fickle girl, I admit that willingly. Since we've lived here I've shuffled chairs and tables and I keep doing it. We are now on our third dining room table.

Up until last week we had an Ikea Docksta table. It was OK, just OK. While it looks like a Saarinen table, it's just isn't. It chipped if you looked at it funny, the base was always getting dirty and it wobbled.

To refresh your memory, here's the Docksta. The left photo is for show, the right is how it actually looked on a daily basis here (minus the piles of mail, projects and other crap that would pile up). 

Since I don't have a spare $1,700 for the table I really want I have to keep it affordable and inexpensive. Enter Craiglist. For $30 and a quick drive I picked up an Ikea Melltorp table. It is the same exact table we moved into the place with, only a rectangle instead of a square.


I think rectangle works better for the space and it holds all the many chairs I need in my life. The picture on the left is for show, the one on the right is how we've been using it. Here's the view from the kitchen:

The sweet little tealight holder is from J.C. Penney, excuse me, JCP. It's by Design for Conran. It's super cute and super affordable. (Pictures from my Instagram)


Hopefully there are others that are afflicted with the same Table/Chair ADD that I have.


  1. You make that Melltorp worth giving a second look - though it is probably your awesome chair selection that does it.

  2. I had to laugh at your "table/chair ADD" line! LOL Though I don't have it documented like you do, I have gone through so many tables and chairs, that I have lost count of how many we have had!! Nothing fits, too small, too big, just.. awkward, too wobbly, too hard (would you believe such a thing as a "hard" chair? Trust me on this!).. I could go on.. I have chair envy and have been trying to find chairs similar to your red and gray ones. I am this close to breaking into the public library at 3 in the morning and stealing all their chairs which are exactly what I want and in grey and pink! (pink!)


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