That's not a moon it's a space station.

I am an unstoppable maniac of lamps and chairs. It's been proven time and time again. I can't stop myself if I find a lamp or a chair that I feel to be a good deal. Even if I don't need it, scratch that, especially if I don't need it. Craigslist is an enabler of such behavior. If you need proof browse the 'Personals' section. It's the beginning and end of many men and women.

Anywho, if you follow me on Instagram (which is basically my blog now) you already know the story I'm about to tell. Girl finds lamp, girl loves lamp. I'm the girl. I love lamp.

So my greedy self, the one that already has a George Nelson pendant lamp for a steal, still searches/hunts/stalks for others. This week another one popped up. A ball lamp. The seller was moving and looking to unload it for a deal, about 70% off the retail cost. 

I convinced my eternally patient husband that we needed this and we made a deal that this would be an early birthday present (mine is November 1st) and when my birthday rolled around all he had to do was cook me dinner. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
The night before I picked it up I obsessively reread the listing and the dimensions of the pendant on DWR. I kept running the scenario in my head that it was actually the smallest Ball pendant and what would I do then? At the price the seller was asking it was still a bargain but not a crazy good one.

When I picked it up all worries fell away, it was indeed the giant one, the biggest size, the small planetoid. It was in great shape, minimal dust and no stains. All I had to do was pick up $12 worth of wiring to switch it from hardwire to plug in and BOOM new bedroom light.

A quick reminder of the bedroom before:

and now:

I do totally still love the mobile and I do miss it but oh baby, DAT LIGHT. It's giant. It really is like having an extremely low hanging moon in the bedroom. We desperately needed some light in the bedroom as well. I am a cave dweller. I like my bedroom dark. The curtains are always drawn and there is blackout fabric behind them. Before this lamp we only had two other light sources in the bedroom, there is no overhead light.

and again!

In case you're wondering it really is simple to switch a light from hardwire to plug in. I'm not saying you should go and monkey around with electricity but it's not hard to learn. Go to your nearest hardware store and ask them to help you.

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