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5 Ideas For Renovating Homes Ahead Of Autumn

May 7, 2019

Autumn is the ideal season to renovate your home, the most suitable time to give a new light and more freshness to your most cherished environments. From walls to furnishings, get ready to give the house a new look.
Warm colors, comfortable and enveloping fabrics, new furnishing accessories, here are all the tricks and the coolest ideas to renovate a home in view of autumn. The change of season is not only that of the closet, so be prepared to give a new face and a fresher and more welcoming look to all your dearest environments.

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Decorate with wallpaper
If you talk about renovating your house in the fall, a tip is to bet everything on the wallpaper. Back in vogue, this is a great alternative to the classic and traditional colorful wall.

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Dare with floral decorations, in tropical and jungle style, or opt for solid-colored monochrome models especially for the children’s bedroom.

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New colors on the walls
Those who do not like wallpaper can always opt for traditional colors. So, the second tip or renovate a home in the fall is to choose a new color for the walls.

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To make the environment more welcoming, step out of the box and prefer the hottest shades of the moment, such as sage green, fuchsia, and orange that are very reminiscent of the autumn season.

Renovate the bedroom
To give a new look to the bedroom opt for carpets. These should be soft and quite thick, and should be placed at the foot of the bed.

As for the color palette, we recommend that you choose pastel colors, such as beige, dove gray or the classic white white.

Living Zone
The makeover of the house in the fall must necessarily include the living area. How do you make this space cozy and family? A few simple moves are enough to give the living room a new face, for example, it uses colorful plants and flowers as a centerpiece.

In addition, it is good to remember that in autumn you will spend much more time in the house, so you can create, and furnish the living area with a reading corner, where to insert a comfortable armchair, better if with armrests, and wide, and enveloping back. Near the seat you can complete the space with a lamp from the ground to warm light and a practical low table made of dark wood, to be decorated with scented candles and where to store your books of the heart.

The kitchen
Renewing the kitchen in the fall? Why not. You can start from the walls by focusing on the classic and timeless total white, which will give more light to the whole room especially in view of the shortening days.

Another important tip to give a new face to the kitchen is to opt for all those decorative accessories that can make the environment warmer, such as candles and colorful flowers; While for kitchen tools, in autumn can not miss the kettle and the new ceramic cups for the time of herbal tea and tea in the company of friends.

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