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Nordic Furniture: Here Are Projects To Inspire

June 21, 2019

Clean lines, functional accessories, decorative elements capable of conveying a sense of belonging and great perception of warmth… we are of course talking about the Nordic furniture that has long since expanded its reach of interest reaching proselytes all over the world.

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Despite simplicity being one of the key elements of this furniture trend designing a perfect Scandinavian-style home will require a certain amount of knowledge of the material and, for this very reason, we want to help you through the presentation of 5 design projects to inspire.

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Continuing in the reading you will have the opportunity to admire 5 Nordic-style apartments that embrace different nuances and philosophies, and will therefore allow you to understand what is the margin within which to orient yourself to respect the stylistic dictates that the Characterize.

Project for a Nordic-style house No.1
A perfectly balanced shade palette to find the triumph of Nordic style… the first furniture project you are admiring highlights precisely what are the fundamental and characteristic colors of this trend: the white walls meet the wood of the floors and then find dynamism in the skillful mixture of gray, small accents of black and beige. A pattern of shades performed in the best way and made alive thanks to the insertion of plants with vibrant green.

Project for a Nordic-style house No.2
All the suggestion of the Scandinavian atmosphere, the sense of essentially cozy and at the same time functional, here is a project that shows perfectly how to organize and best furnish a small house with Nordic decor marrying the concept of white and warm shades of wood as elements and primary tones.

Project for a Nordic-style house No.3
Lets now discover a varied encounter of pastel shades that can give a lively touch to an environment designed in perfect Nordic style. If the wood remains the protagonist of furnishings and accessories you will notice that the use of different colors mixed with each other gives a feeling of freshness that, thanks to the insertion of cushions, carpets, and soft plaids, creates an atmosphere capable of making everyone feel Comfortable.

Project for a Nordic-style house No.4
In providing you with a kind of guide on how to furnish a house in the Nordic style, we could not forget to show you a suggestive variation that focuses all on soothing colors that remind you of direct contact with nature, such as green, brown, and pastel pink. Few objects but with sophisticated design will give character creating environments with sophisticated elegance.

Project for a Nordic-style house No.5
A pure and essential Nordic style is what you will admire in the latter design project. Here the open plant connects the kitchen and living room creating a sober and welcoming environment where you always feel comfortable.

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