Home Improvement: The Raw Charm Of Mineral Kitchens Makes Us Look

April 1, 2019

Already seen the kitchens where food is king; too daring the colorful kitchens; lack charm in composite kitchens… Maybe it’s time to turn to the authenticity of mineral cuisines. Those that give pride of place to natural materials such as marble, stone, and even mother-of-pearl. Visually, they are adorned with rock-like colors – shades of gray, white, and black -, and offer an incomparable touch.

Tile Countertops Countertop Butcher Simple Backsplash Soap Kitchens Green Soft Granite Top Makes Counters Table Laboratory Maple Like Black

Resistant and easy to maintain, mineral-based coatings, kaolin, recycled stone or terrazzo, gain ground in the kitchen, right down to the credence and the worktop. Once cut and polished, they sublimate a wooden or melamine kitchen, caring for its uniqueness. While it is true that their call price is generally higher than that of composites, many have made no mistake overtime: their robustness is no longer to be demonstrated.

Slate Farmhouse Trends Black Burning House Vanity Sandstone Soap Green Makes Laboratory Quartz Looks Grey Kitchens Soft Floor Charm Mineral Top

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