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Boho Chic Style Furniture: Guide To Choosing Colors, Fabrics And Furniture

July 4, 2019

The fascination exerted by this particular trend of furniture, able to never go out of fashion, or to enrich itself from year to year with new elements lies in the sophistication of materials and colors. If you are therefore looking for a practical guide to Boho Chic furniture, through which you discover in a simple and essential way the true essence of style, furniture, materials, fabrics, and fantasies that characterize it, in all likelihood you are in the right place.

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What we propose is a real immersion in the evocative universe of Boho Chic style that will take you to discover its roots and the primary characteristics, here it is…

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That Boho Chic is an eclectic style of furniture, versatile, and lively, its roots go directly into the cultural ferment of the 60s, especially in the hippie movement and therefore in the continuous attempt to re-embrace nature and celebrate it in a vivid explosion of colors.

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The term Boho comes from the fusion of the terms “bohemian” and “homeless” that stand precisely to indicate a scruffy, disused, and artistic tendency, the juxtaposition to the word “chic” elevates everything in search of a certain kind of elegance so refined as close to the very essence of style.

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Boho Chic d├ęcor
Choosing to embrace the Boho Chic furniture style will mean designing a living space full of visual and tactile stimuli, a kind of Eden for dreamers, artists, and travelers who like to surround themselves with vivacity and objects with great personality.

This particular style of furniture takes shape in a real fusion of elements from those markedly vintage to those purely modern, the key to its success lies in balancing everything to perfection opting also for creative recycling solutions and using a wide range of bright colors also in contrast to each other.

If in Boho Chic there are no strict rules, indeed it is precisely freedom of personal expression that takes on a primary role, it is good to keep in mind a few small measures to avoid small disasters both in the design phase and in decoration. Let’s then discover in detail the individual aspects of this trend.

Boho Chic furniture
Let’s start with a closer look at the choice of Boho Chic furniture that, embracing the vintage spirit and the primary use of wood, will see a predominance of the own lines of the 60s and 70s. The wicker elements and in particular the inclusion, both in the living area and in the bedroom, of the peacock chair to be customized in the color of your choice.

Rounded shapes are preferred to markedly geometric lines, perfect are wooden, and coffee tables as well as leather sofas or padded in multicolored fabrics inspired by as many patterns. The meeting between ethnic and rustic trends, revisited in a glamorous key, are the starting point for the design of a perfect Boho Chic environment.

An explosion of vivacity, uniqueness… the bright colors are the real soul of the style as well as particular combinations and patterns. The image you can see at the top shows the Boho Chic color palette, which, starting with a pastel shade of oil green, passes through the fuchsia and reaches the bright yellow. The chromatic fantasies that you have at your disposal are almost endless as well as the various abstract trends.

To make sure to put in the foreground multicolored furnishings, objects, and fabrics our advice is to opt for a color of the walls as neutral as possible, white is definitely to be preferred as well as the walls with exposed bricks.

Boho Chic Materials
Now let’s take a look at the materials that best fit this particular furniture trend. As we have already had the opportunity to emphasize the wood is among the favorites as well as fabrics and padded with a wraparound character such as velvet or leather. Perfect is also cements and multicolored tiles, perfect for kitchen and bathroom upholstery, not to mention recovery items to which to give new life.

Boho Chic fabrics
Finally, we come to discover the Boho Chic fabrics that, in a riot of colors, become a fundamental element of style. What will surely not be missing will be in fact a large collection of cushions of all shapes, and sizes, carpets, curtains, and linens of multiple shades.

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