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Color Matching Ideas For Eclectic Furniture

June 12, 2019

Appreciated for its lively features and the fusion of different furniture trends, the eclectic style needs special attention in the design phase given the mix of shapes, materials, and design that distinguishes it. So we decided to provide you with a collection of color-matching ideas for eclectic furniture and to do so through the presentation of different interior design projects that embody it to perfection.

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Townhouse Park Avenue, New Hampshire

Own Designs Bathroom Decoration Your Decor Catalog And Room Eclectic Modern Home Living House Country Tufted Navy Small Matching Color

An explosion of colors and liveliness, a welcoming and lively atmosphere able to make anyone feel comfortable… the fantastic project you are admiring has been developed with the needs of a large family in mind. The eclectic style is perceived not only in the choice of extremely vivid colors that are enhanced precisely in sophisticated color combinations but also in that of the furnishings that embrace both the modern and the ethnic. Italian ceramics, exposed bricks, kilim carpets, and boho-chic elements blend together to create an apartment full of charm and a marked personality.

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Architect’s apartment

Own Home Family Modern Decoration Eclectic Ideas Style Interior Your Color Interiors Schemes Tips Design Bathroom Room Decorating House

A 45-square-metre loft with a mezzanine structure that allows you to make the most of the height looks like the perfect example of eclectic d├ęcor for a small setting. Given the variety of furnishings and accessories, as well as the use of warm and bright colors and fabrics, it is essential to be able to find a perfect overall balance point in order not to expire in kitsch, this project is the perfect embodiment of it.

Apartment “Red Side”

The evocative encounter between the depths of blue and the warm vibrations of red, the combination with greenery, wood, and ceramics of craftsmanship.

Weekend apartments

Ethnic elements, Indonesian furniture and Mediterranean-style tiles, geometrically designed rugs, velvet upholstery and great practicality… Here you can admire an eclectic apartment that is divided into a living area that connects the kitchen and dining room with the living room through a dividing bookshelf with revolving TV support.

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