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IKEA Dividing Walls: Original Ideas And Solutions

June 7, 2019

We have already had the opportunity to show you several creative solutions for the creation of furniture and partitions as well as wooden partitions, today we want to return to the topic by presenting you with amazing ideas that involve the use of different IKEA furniture elements to be found with great ease and at a fairly low cost.

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Thanks to the gallery proposed here and a series of practical suggestions, which see the use of bookcases, plants, message boards, and much more, you will discover different ideas to create IKEA partitions not only practical but of great aesthetic impact. If you are curious to analyze the different original and yet simple solutions for partitions you will have to continue reading…

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In IKEA, you will find many models of bookcases that lend themselves to perfection to create a partition wall, you will only have to choose the one that best suits the style of furniture that you have chosen to remind you to always pay attention to the fixing to avoid unpleasant accidents.

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Partition walls with IKEA shelves

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As well as bookshelves, shelves can be easily used within an open space to create a kind of ideal separation. You can choose from IKEA shelves with a modern and contemporary character, in industrial or vintage style, not to mention the various types of installation that also allow anchoring to the ceiling.

Partition walls with IKEA coat hanger

Let’s now move on to what we could define as the most original solutions for the creation of IKEA partitions and, here in particular, we show you an alternative use of a coat hanger that shows perfect to accommodate climbing plants capable of creating a moving green wall.

Partitions with IKEA boards

Among the different design solutions IKEA for offices and workspace you will find practical message boards that with a few small measures. Choose where to install them, perhaps creating a corner used for the desk, and use them to fix notes or decorative objects capable of closing the spaces.

Partition walls with IKEA screen and partition

A decidedly chic and very simple solution to implement is the creation of partitions using the screens or the partitions that the Scandinavian company provides. For example, if you need to create a minimum of separation between the sleeping area and the living room (in the case of maybe studios or lofts) you can use these elements dynamically giving a refined touch to the whole environment.

Partition walls with IKEA curtains

Among the various simple and original solutions to create partitions with IKEA elements we also want to suggest those that involve the use of curtains of different types. You can create a perfect sliding wall using the panel curtains or, simply by taking advantage of fabrics, and the different types of modular tracks of the house, go to create real separate rooms.

Partitions with IKEA plants

Always elegant solution and full of visual panache are the one that sees the insertion of plants to form a kind of ideal partition wall within an environment. You can place the plants directly on the ground or use supports that raise them, thus creating a real green barrier.

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