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Colorful Walls: Lots Of Ideas For Matching And Unique Projects

June 28, 2019

Choosing to decorate the house with colored walls will mean entering the evocative universe of color combinations, orienting yourself in the analysis of the different types of color and not least find the perfect agreement between them and the furnishings. Does that sound complicated to you? We are ready to provide you with many original and dynamic ideas, which we will present to you through unique projects made by international architects and interior designers, which will be the perfect source of inspiration on what to do.

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Before going to discover the multiple variants of colored walls and related combinations, it will be good to focus briefly on color theory.

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What we call color is the visual perception of electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum, an object that reflects all light waves appears white, if on the contrary it absorbs them appear black. White comes from the sum of all colors, black from their absence, which is why black and white are classified as “non-colors”.

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The color classification is due to the Swiss painter and designer Johannes Itten, part of the Bauhaus school who, through careful study and analysis.

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Using a scheme called the Itten color circle, you can see in the central triangle the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow; from the mixture between these you get the secondary colors (green, orange, and purple) that fit into a hexagon that contains the triangle of the primary; the outer circle has the 12 tertiary colors that are obtained from the further mixing of the previous ones. With this scheme, you can easily spot complementary colors.

The Itten circle is a fundamental tool and reference point from which to start for the use of colors and, of course, it will also be for the choice of colored walls and particular color combinations. From it you can start to analyze warm, cold, pastel, or bright colors.

Primary Colors

Our journey to discover the many colors that will embellish and customize the walls of the house could only start from an analysis of the primary colors, that is, red, blue, and yellow that, as already mentioned, can not be generated by other colors.

Particularly challenging, red fits at the extreme of the visible spectrum thus presenting a high saturation that results in its careful use in the furnishing and decoration phase.

Using the Circle of Itten you can find out which shades best match the blue and what are the complementary colors always paying attention to its usage, especially in small environments, to avoid weighing down in a way excessive space.

Bright and lively, yellow is among the three primary colors the easiest to use when furnishing. It pairs with a wide range of shades and is perfect for giving brightness to small environments.

Bright colors
Focusing on the creation of colored walls, we will now discover a fascinating selection of projects that show how to go to perfectly match bright and bright colors capable of radically changing the appearance of any environment. Appropriately selected and balanced, the colors can furnish in an original way, even more if enhanced further by the choice of furniture elements with complementary shades.

Pastel Colors
A high brightness and low saturation characterize the pastel colors that, soft and elegant, are increasingly appreciated in the process of furnishing and decorating walls. Choosing colored walls in pastel shades, however, will not mean giving up the panache and sophistication: the projects you are admiring show in a decidedly practical way how to combine different shades to get results surprising aesthetics.

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